The Happiness Idea World

What is The Happiness Idea?

Imagine a world that encouraged you to do what you love to do. A world that actually persuaded you to take the risk you’ve been thinking about taking. A world that cheered you on—offering support and resources—as you pursued your goals, ideas, and dreams. What would that world look like?

Since 2006, I’ve been telling stories about people from Cincinnati to Kazakhstan who pursue their passion. These stories aren’t always success stories, and the dreams aren’t always big and lifelong. Once, a mother told me it was her dream to be able to simply give her daughter a set of pencils—so that she could take notes at school.

In all this time and in every country, I’ve been reminded, time and again, that people have a fundamental desire to be happy. Not get-rich happy; no one seems to equate lasting, unshakeable joy with more money. Instead, what people want is the ability to do the thing they love to do. Often, this starts out as something mainstream: “I want to travel.” Over time, as a dream is pursued, it evolves into something specific, something unique: “I want to travel to South America to help indigenous communities in the Amazon.” (True story.)

But there’s something else. People also have a fundamental desire to help other people.

It’s this—this understanding that we are all united in our desire to be happy and that we want to help each other—that makes us at The Happiness Idea believe that we can create a world that supports each of us doing what we love to do. That we can pursue our ideas, goals, and dreams—that we can generate quantifiable happiness.

What does this world look like? We believe it looks like a digital community giving and receiving a helping hand. A global network that uses crowdsourcing, rather than crowdfunding, to locate resources and support that will provide people with the tools they need to achieve their ‘happy’.

That’s The Happiness Idea, and we’re just getting started building it. Will you join us? Sign up below.

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