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Can one woman’s #HappinessIdea end racism in America?

Washington, D.C. — Of course not. One woman’s efforts to challenge a systemic problem cannot fix a systemic problem. However, change almost always begins with one person, one person who has an idea.

What does our soft launch have to do with a Mongolian circus girl?

Do you know how very easy it is to help someone create their own happy? In 2012, it was just a matter of a circus costume. A bit of our backstory...

Is this The Happiness Idea’s website? Yes and no…

The Happiness Idea’s website is coming soon, but while it’s under construction, you’re welcome to hang out here and visit.

Mom’s #HappinessIdea to promote eco-tourism in remote Kazakhstan

Kazakh mother travels overland from Mongolia to Kazakhstan to pursue her #HappinessIdea to establish eco-tours in one of the remotest regions of Central Asia.

Single dad’s #HappinessIdea is a truffle-hunting dog

Ylli is a single dad working as a barber for 50c a shave. His #happinessidea is a truffle-hunting dog, which he believes will help his entire village…

The Happiness Idea in the sub-Antarctic!

Happiness in the sub-Antarctic? First, a little background. In Kazakhstan.

Message from the founder

Patricia Sexton - The Founder of The Happiness Idea

The Happiness Idea grows globally happiness by crowdsourcing the tools people need to achieve their happy. Crowdsourcing creates human connection.

– Patricia Sexton